Step-by-step process

Complete questionnaire online

Initially, we will investigate whether you meet the criteria we have for participation. This is done via various online questionnaires. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete these questionnaires because we really want to understand the problems you are experiencing in-depth. You do not have to answer everything in one go. 

Telephone interview

If the assessment forms show that the treatment may help you, we will arrange a phone call appointment. This will provide the opportunity for you to ask questions about the program and for us to explain the steps in more detail.  

Allocation into group

This phase will include the allocation of eligible participants to a group so that they can start the program together on a set date. 

Do the treatment program

The internet treatment takes place over 2 to 8 weeks and consists of you being able to read texts and carry out exercises every week. While you are on the program you can send messages to a therapist if you have any questions. 

If you are randomized to the group on the waiting list, you will have access to the treatment after 2-6 weeks, once the first group has undertaken the study. 

Participation in the Tackling Tinnitus Program study requires time and commitment. You will receive support and advice, but we expect you to participate in reading texts and carrying out exercises. This is required because we want you to gain insights and lessons that are helpful even after the study is completed. If you do not have time for this in your life right now, it is better to wait to sign up, as a half-hearted attempt risks feeling like a failure. If you really want to give it a try, then we believe that Tackling Tinnitus Program will help you to have better balance and give you tools that can help you in the future as well.

The platform has been secured and encrypted to keep all of your information safe.   You will have your own login so that your worksheets can only be accessed by you and the research team.

Check your progress

After completion of treatment, all participants will be able to fill in forms that evaluate the results of the treatment. These forms will also be completed 2 months after the end of treatment to see if the treatment provides long-term improvement. After the treatment, you will be called to book a final telephone interview where we want to hear how you have experienced the treatment.