What is Tackling Tinnitus program?

This program helps you to manage your tinnitus. This program provides strategies that have helped many other people with tinnitus. You can access this information via the internet and do not need to attend a hospital or clinic. As tinnitus experiences differ, some people may only need a brief intervention and find that helps them. We are thus offering this 2-week intervention initially. Following this, participants can choose to continue with the rest of the 6-week program if they would like further help. The information can be read online, downloaded, or printed. It is structured in a way to make it easy to read and includes videos and worksheets to keep track of your progress. People often do better if they feel supported. To enable your significant other (spouce, partner, family member or friend) to better understand tinnitus and the problems you are experiencing, we are introducing the intervention to them as well to provide ways in which they can be supported and ideas to better support you.

The program is designed to fit around your lifestyle and routine. It is online so that you can do it when and where it suits you. This may be at home, during your lunch break or when you are on a train or waiting at an airport. As the information is written down, it provides the opportunity for you to think about what you have read and you can also refer back to it. Although it is online, you will not be alone, you will be guided by a clinician. A lot of the information is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies and practical tips. It aims at empowering you to apply strategies to manage your tinnitus.